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Sheraton SPA is a relaxing area where body, mind and soul discover the right balance.
Contact us: +48587671900
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Sheraton Fitness
Sheraton Fitness is a high-quality equipped gym and contemporary training rooms, where our trainers will take care of you during the visit in our Fitness centre. Group fitness classes and gym are a perfect place for everyone who wants to take a sports challenge or just be in great shape. Furthermore, our personal trainers are here to support you in achiving your goals. Opening hours: 7am - 10pm (supervised) Open 24 hours a day for hotel residents
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Our Mission
Fitness is an integral element within the lifestyle offer at The Spa at Sheraton Sopot. Our aim is to provide an environment which will allow all guests to achieve their specific goals and explore a personalized fitness experience which will enhance vitality and positively impact on many other areas of their life.
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Sheraton Only Gym Membership
NEW MEMBERSHIPS OFFER: Morning Access - 6 months 170 PLN/month || Unlimited Access - 12 months - 200 PLN/month || Morning Access - 6 months 200 PLN/month || Unlimited Access - 6 months 230 PLN/month || Afternoon Access 4pm - 10pm - 3 months 220 PLN/month || Unlimited Access - 3 months - 250 PLN/month || 1 time in Sheraton Fitness 50 PLN / person
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Sheraton Gym & SPA Membership
All year Unlimited Access 7am - 10pm 4660 PLN person / 8390 PLN for two || All year Morning Access 7am - 4pm 2520 PLN person / 4660 PLN for two || Half-year Unlimited Access 7am - 10pm 2550 PLN / per person || Half-year Morning Access 7am - 4pm 1410 PLN / per person || 3 Months Membership Unlimited Access 7am-10pm 1410 PLN / per person
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Sheraton Gym & SPA Membership
10 TRAININGS: Sheraton Fitness Pass + Spa Experience 800 PLN || Sheraton Fitness Pass 350 PLN || Group Fitness Classes Pass 350 PLN (valid for 3 months) || Group Fitness Classes Pass is a great solution for those who prefer team workout but not necessary in the Gym. Motivation, extra power and a lot of fun - this is what you can expect from Fitness Classes! A perfect body shape is a cherry on the top! || 1 TRAINING: Sheraton Fitness Pass + Spa Experience 140 PLN || Sheraton Fitness Pass 50 PLN
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Personal trainings
Personal training (1 Training) - 130 PLN || Personal training pass for Member only (10 Trainings) - 1050 PLN || Personal training pass (10 Trainings) 1200 PLN
Andrzej Czarnecki
Andrzej Czarnecki
Andrzej is a Certified Personal Trainer. He gained his qualifications from Australian College of Sport and Fitness in Sydney. He is certified Box and Kettlebell instructor. He runs the latest and most efficient fitness workouts. His professionalism, positive energy and individual approach to each of his clients guarantee
Szymon Pietrzak
Szymon Pietrzak
Szymon graduated from Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk where currently he is a PhD student. He is a licensed lifeguard and swimming coach. He loves swimming and adores triathlon. He finished the distance of Half Ironman (swimming ­ 2km, bike ­90 km and run ­21,093 km) twice.
Krystyna Drozd-Rybińska
Krystyna Drozd-Rybińska
Krysia studied philosophy at University of Gdansk and she has been practicing yoga during her studies. She has been teaching yoga since 2008. In order to broaden her yoga skills and knowledge she decided to tak part in one month ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA method master training in Dharamsal, India. Moreover, she passed the MINDFUL YIN YOGA® training in
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Swimming Lessons
Swimming is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to get fit. Swimming will not just help you to get your dream body shape but it will also strengthen your immune system, heart, muscles, joints and spine. Swimming lessons at Sheraton Sopot Spa are perfect solution for those who wish to make the first swimming steps. Our Sheraton swimming instructors are here to support you in making those steps in a safety environment.